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Booklet for the 60th anniversary of the 1st MWF (Poljot), 1989 – Vneshtorgizdat

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The roots of the watch brand “Poljot-International” date back to the 1930s, when the “First State Watch Factory” was founded in Moscow. In 1961, after the flight of the first citizen of the earth, Yuri Gagarin, into space, the watches produced by the factory were given the designation “Poljot” (the flight).

In 1992, the watch distribution company “Poljot-V GmbH” was founded in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), in which a new watch brand “Poljot-International” was founded in 1994 under the leadership of its managing director, Alexander Shorokhov. The newly founded brand “Poljot-International” continued the Russian traditions of the “Poljot” brand on the one hand, but on the other hand followed a fundamentally different development path: the use of high-quality materials for watch making, the creation of independent contemporary design, high quality assembly work and strict and systematic quality control.

The design, manufacture and quality control of the watches as well as the service were organized in Germany, which gave the company the opportunity to become completely independent and to pursue its own development strategy. In the same year, the company was incorporated into the “Association of the German Watch Industry”. The track record of the “Poljot-International” brand enabled the company to take a leading position among watch manufacturers in the mid-price segment. Their products are now sold in more than 35 countries.

All watches of the brand “Poljot-International” are manufactured in Germany today. Nevertheless, the charm and delicacy in the design, the skilful hands of the master watchmakers, the warmth of the Russian soul and, of course, the love for Russia can be seen and felt.


The new watch brand “Basilika” is also represented on our website. Actually, it is not new at all, because a model series of “Poljot-International” – for years one of the most successful – is also called – “Basilika”. The name adheres to the watches like no other, has become synonymous with this brand. Therefore, the registration of this term commonly used on the market as a trade mark name in 2007 was only a logical step. The new brand “Basilika”, also produced in Germany, continues the modern tradition of “Poljot-International” and delights watch lovers with fresh design, technical developments and innovative constructions. One pays even more attention to the details, the quality of the watches and the assembly, the service and the customer service. The aim of the new brand is to be a customer who is completely satisfied with the quality and design of the watches.

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