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Amfibia Lady First – CWF Chistopol watch factory (RU+EN) ЧЧЗ

Amfibia Lady First – CWF Chistopol watch factory (RU+EN) ЧЧЗ

In 1967, the first Amphibian snorkeling watch was made at the Vostok Chistopol watch factory, which became a landmark object of that era. Professional sailors, divers and submariners chose the Amphibian watch for its simplicity and reliability. Trouble-free operation at a depth of up to 200 meters in conditions of significant temperature changes, in any aggressive environment – the Amphibian mechanical watch withstood extreme overloads and shocks. These were the requirements.

Specifically by order of the Russian Navy, a military modification of the Amphibian watch was produced, and tests were carried out during fleet exercises on the North Sea. The submarine lay at the bottom at a depth of 120-130 meters, simulating an accident. The brigade of rescue divers who took part in the rescue of people was equipped with a new Amphibian watch. Tests-exercises, as close as possible to combat, were successful.

In 1975, the Amphibian watch visited space on the Soyuz-17 spacecraft and the Salyut-4 space orbital station. The watch was part of the equipment of the station engineer G.M. Grechko.

The body and bracelet of the Amphibian watch are made of stainless steel. The waterproof case is capable of withstanding water pressure at depths of up to 200 meters. Accurate and visual indication is provided by luminous arrows, clock marking of the dial, the starting point of a rotating bezel, a durable and transparent organic glass lens. Some watches of this collection are equipped with a polyurethane strap that smoothly and reliably skirts the wrist.

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