About Soviet Watches Shop

About Soviet Watches Shop

Greetings from Ukraine! Glory for Ukraine!

Soviet Watches Shop is an online store that specializes in selling Soviet-era watches.

We lost all what we had in Mariupol in march 2022 and was saved from the city by soldiers of AZOV.  The most valuable thing that we managed to take with us is the collection of Soviet wristwatches, which my dad and grandfather collected for many years.  In January 2023, my mother and I made a very difficult decision for us – to make a Soviet Watches Shop in which we will sell Soviet-related wristwatches from the collection collected by our relatives, which did not survive.

This collection began to collect by grandfather in the 1970s. Then my father continued to collect it till he die in July 2021 from COVID-19. I have continued to collect wristwatches from USSR from summer 2021 till 24 of February 2022. When ruzzian putler pigs crew bombing Mariupol we was hiding in only one safe place and not forgot about these collection. In one day in March ZSU soldiers was find me & mom – and we was escape from town with AZOV Fighters…

Because of the war in my country, I have to sell the collection and try to collect money for new flat or small house in village. The collection contains around 300-400 different watches from 1920-1990 which was made at USSR, Post-soviet countries and not many watches from Switzerland, Europe and Asia too.

My grandfather, father and I collected only interesting watches in good condition for this collection. All watches before getting into the collection are cleaned of the case and the prevention of the mechanism by the watchmaker. In some watches, the glass, bezel or dial can be replaced. The watch mechanism and case must be original. Some watches are over 100 years old and still show the +- correct time.

These watches were manufactured in the Soviet Union from the 1920s to the 1990s and are known for their durability, accuracy, and distinctive design. Soviet Watches Shop offers a wide range of Soviet watches, including military watches, dress watches, and sports watches.

We claims that all the watches we sell are authentic and have been restored to working condition by professional watchmakers from Ukraine. Also we offer a warranty on all their watches and provide free shipping worldwide.

From all sales we every month buy food for refugees center in Dnepr Region of Ukraine!

In addition to selling watches, Soviet Watches Shop also provides information and resources about Soviet-era watches, including articles on watch history and maintenance tips.

Feel free to contact us for any issues related to the operation of this website & forum:

Email: sovietwatchesdotshop@gmail.com

Our Telegram Channel: https://t.me/sovietwatchesdotshop

Twitter: @USSR_Watches

Manager’s Telegram: https://t.me/sovietwatchesshop

We are working to add more ways (Facebook, Reddit, Viber, Whatsapp, etc) to connect with us.

Alternative payment and delivery methods will be added soon.

With Best regards from Ukraine and our family!




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